While having access to a huge variety of advertising options is a marketer’s dream, it can also make getting started a difficult task. If you feel overwhelmed, considering the following some types of Facebook ads to see how you can apply them to your business. 

Choose one of some types of Facebook ads that is suitable with the business

In the previous post, Alphadia.net introduced people to Facebook advertising cost. To get more information people can read the article Some factors affect Facebook advertising cost you should know. Nowadays, to get information or looking for a restaurant near me is very easy with a lot of advertisements. Now, let find knowledge about a lot of helpful information about the types of Facebook ads.


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1. Lead advertising is one type of Facebook ads

The main ad unit makes the process of collecting email addresses and building email lists extremely easy. With this ad unit, your potential customers can sign up for email lists (among other things) with the least amount of effort possible to like or share posts.

The beauty of the ad unit is that Facebook automatically fills in most areas that a potential customer often has to fill in manually. This reduces friction, making them more trackable.

If you’re looking to grow your email list, advertising is a great option. You can use Zapier to connect your main ad to your email service provider and take advantage of automation. The new contacts will be added to one of your lists and imported into the automatic workflow you created.

2. Dynamic ads is one type of Facebook ads

Dynamic ads (formerly Dynamic Product Ads) connect your store’s product catalog to your Facebook ad account and pixels. When someone visits your website and then logs in to Facebook, they will see an ad with the same product they are viewing on your site. Therefore, the ads they see are personalized and relevant.

A multi-product Facebook ad, or carousel ad, is a dynamic ad that promotes a wide collection of items from your online store. Each product has its own caption, image and destination URL. According to Facebook, advertisers using carousel ads will reduce costs by 30% 50% per purchase and 20% 30% cost-per-click (CPC).

You can also apply custom audiences to your carousel ads. This can help you arrange more targeted targeting collections based on who will see it. For example, maybe you have a product catalog on your website. You can create carousel ads for different categories and display them to users who have visited pages in the corresponding category.

3. Advertise abandoned cart is one type of Facebook ads

About 70% of shoppers abandon their shopping carts, according to data collected by the Baymard Institute. In other words, nearly 10 out of 10 people adding a product to their cart will leave your store without making a purchase.

How do you bring these shoppers back to your store so they can complete the purchase? With the retargeting feature, you can run highly personalized Facebook ads targeted at these individuals. These ads often offer a discount, such as free shipping or a 10% discount, if the person comes back to complete their purchase.

Choose one of some types of Facebook ads that is suitable with the business

I have found that using an interesting video for this type of advertising yields even more impressive results. I once ran an abandoned shopping cart ad for my clothing store that had a 30-second video telling viewers that the stroller had feelings and they were hurt when someone abandoned them. It sounds silly, but this campaign has an ROI of 20 times.

4. Advertising thank customers is one type of Facebook ads

Many business owners have a bad habit of putting all their marketing efforts into turning potential customers into customers and stopping there. This is a huge mistake.

Turning a first-time customer into a repeat customer is much easier than turning a lead into a first-time customer. And it is often significantly more expensive to acquire a new customer than retaining an existing customer.

This is why I run thank you ads for my store. In the two days after purchasing, new customers will see an ad with a 30 second video of me personally thanking them for their business. These ads generate significantly higher engagement and organic reach per impression than any ad I’ve run before.

My goal with this ad is to build brand loyalty and increase customer satisfaction. Surprisingly, it also turned a large number of first-time customers into repeat customers within two days of the first purchase.

5. Existing customers advertise new products

As I mentioned in the previous section, business owners often devote sufficient marketing resources to their existing customers. It is surprising that considering the probability of generating sales from a new customer is from 52020% while the probability of sales from an existing customer is from 60% 70%, according to SignalMind.

What’s even better is that repeat customers spend an average of 33% more than new customers, and 80% of your future profits will come from only 20% of your current customers.

Given the data on repeat customers, it’s no wonder that when you launch a new product, the first ad you run must be a message targeting your existing customers.

6. The ad creates new traffic

Retargeting is great, but unless you’re driving high quality traffic to your site, it won’t work. It is always a good idea to have a Facebook campaign directing new leads to your store. I call this type of campaign the first touchpoint ad, because it’s likely that the first time people see the ad have heard of your business.

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