Structured Settlement is a negotiated financial or insurance agreement through which the complainant agrees to settle a personal injury claim by receiving part or all of the payment in a form of payment on the agreed schedule, rather than a lump sum. This post offers readers to seven structured settlement annuity companies in the US.

The seven structured settlement annuity companies in the US
The seven structured settlement annuity companies in the US

Settlement is basically a reward that a defendant wins in the event of a lawsuit. The term structured definition means dividing this bonus into periodic payments. This payment allows recipients to receive a fixed amount of money each month or year for a specific period of time ranging from several years to several decades.


The post today about the structured settlement annuity companies include four parts. They are: “What is the structured settlement annuity?”, “Some best structured settlement annuity companies in 2018”, “The advantages of the structured settlement annuity” and “How the structured settlement annuity”.

1. What is the structured settlement annuity?

Structured settlements are a specialized business line for life insurance companies. Periodic structured payments and / or reinsurance payments are available through licensed resellers appointed by the life insurer with a structured settlement agency.

A designated agent of one of these life insurance companies without a structured settlement agency will have to go through a designated agent with a structured settlement agency.

2. Some best-structured settlement annuity companies in 2018

2.1. J.G. Wentworth

This company certainly stands high on any list of top-paying structured purchasing companies. With 20 years of experience in providing leading-edge and diverse consumer financial services, this company has maintained its position as the No. 1 structured sales company in the United States.

The company offers structured settlements, mortgage loans, personal and business loans, and prepaid cards. The company has A + rating with BBB and 4 stars rating from Trust Pilot. The company is based in Pennsylvania since its inception in 1991.

2.2. Peachtree Financial Solutions

This is a Pennsylvania-based company established in 1996 that helps sell structured settlements, annuities, lottery winners as well as other original payment owners.

With its rich history and extensive market experience, the company has helped tens of thousands of customers across the country. This company also has A + with BBB.

2.3. SellMyAnnuity.Net

The SellMyAnnuity.Net is based in Boynton Beach, Florida. This company acts as an intermediary between connecting people who want to sell their structured settlements, pensions or lottery winnings. The company also deals in the provision of services related to personal injury lawsuits.

2.4. ANFED (Annuities Federal bank)

The company also provides the best-structured sales solutions for its customers. The ANFED (Annuities Federal bank) is, in fact, a division of the Federal Boff Bank as a publicly-insured company.

The seven structured settlement annuity companies in the US
The seven structured settlement annuity companies in the US

Transactional banks purchase part or all of the settlements that have been structured or won lottery prizes since 1999. This company also provides other banking services for arioso.

2.5. Stone Street Capital Structured Settlements Review

It is one of the oldest structured settlement companies in the country. This company was founded in Delaware with its headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. This company was established in 1989 with nearly 200 employees.

People prefer once for annuities payments, structured payments, or lottery winnings; It offers them the best service.


This company was founded in 2013 and is the online educational resource portal for selling structured settlements. The company is also a partner of CBS. This company offers tools and products for selling and buying structured payments and annuity payments.

After receiving the corresponding knowledge, customers can get a free quote from their affiliate company. Their affiliated companies; CBS Settlement Funding was established in 2008 and holds A + from BBB.

2.7. Fairfield Funding

Based in Atlanta, the Fairfield Funding was founded in 2008 and focuses solely on the purchase of structured and annuity settlements. This company may be small in its operations but has excellent customer service reviews.

Customers have evaluated their staff as patient and thoughtful. This company not only rated A + with BBB but also had no negative rating on it.

3. The advantages of the structured settlement annuity

  • Payments are tax-exempt.
  • The heirs may continue to receive tax-exempt payments if the recipient dies.
  • Payments can be scheduled for almost any time period and can be started immediately or delayed for many years upon request.
  • Reduce the temptation to make large purchases, splendor and secure future income. Especially for long-term care recipients.
  • Not fluctuate according to market changes. Payments are guaranteed by the annuity insurance company.
  • A structured settlement typically brings, in total, more than one lump sum payment due to the interest that you can earn over time.

4. How the structured settlement annuity

Personal Injury: A personal injury case is a civil action where a victim has filed a lawsuit seeking money from a person believed to be responsible for the damage. The money in this form of a structured settlement can help the recipient pay for medical expenses or other expenses.

Workers Compensation: Most people know about workers’ compensation, paid to workers injured at work. Payments can be used for medical treatment and replacement of wages during the time the injured workers cannot work and other expenses.

Medical Malpractice: Doctors can do more harm than good in some unfortunate cases. In this case, the injured patient or the family of the deceased patient can sue for medical negligence.

Wrongful Death: A structured settlement is also a common way to compensate family members for claiming loved ones as victims of wrongful death. Families can enjoy a stream of tax-exempt payments, to replace income after the death of loved ones.

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