Biggest moving companies in Australia

Biggest moving companies in Australia

You are looking for a moving companies to move your house or your business to another city in Australia or even to another country. Do not worry, this post, we introduce to readers about some biggest moving companies in Australia.

Biggest moving companies in Australia
Biggest moving companies in Australia

In the previous post, we introduces people to top 5 largest gas companies in Australia and some necessary information that is useful for invest to gas companies. To get more information people can read the article Top 5 largest gas companies in Australia for you choose. Now, let find knowledge about the biggest moving companies in Australia in the post today.


Just like a lot of article posts such as credit check agencies, open bank account online Australia, Harmoney personal loans…, this post about the biggest moving companies in Australia also includes some main parts. They are:

1. MiniMovers is one of the biggest moving companies in Australia

MiniMovers is Australia’s leading local mobility expert! MiniMovers’ flexible hourly rate system is perfect for moving short distances, helping customers reduce costs incurred or simply monitoring them to move freely, without any trouble. Any trouble!

MiniMovers has a good, award-winning training system, it has created professional transporters and dismantlers, and they feel very proud of their work.

MiniMovers also offers a full range of packaging materials including specially designed Packaging Boxes. This is a perfect tool to protect customer items and reduce travel time and direct savings for customers.

Biggest moving companies in Australia
Biggest moving companies in Australia

The MiniMovers’ hourly price system is flexible to suit the needs of each customer, allowing their customers to get as little or as much help as they want. So customers are the cost control! In fact, MiniMovers found that it works cheaper and easier than hiring a truck. All their prices come with a No Damage Insurance written that if unfortunately they ruin it, they will have to fix it.

Is the most recommended shipping company in Australia, serving customers from 1985 to the present. MiniMovers is also a full service moving company, they also provide professional packaging services (packaging and unpacking machines) with hourly speeds that significantly reduce the stress of traveling.

The MiniMovers box is specially designed to significantly reduce travel time to reduce costs. And with their acquisition system, customers can save even more. Their local furniture cleaning staff are well trained, and are always looking for ways to help customers.

To make it easier for customers to move – call MiniMovers 7 days a week, or subscribe to the online booking form.

Office hours: 6 am – 8 pm Monday – Friday, 6 am – 6 pm Saturday, 6 am – 4 pm Sunday

Travel hours: 24 hours / 7 days a week including holidays

2. CBD Mover is one of the biggest moving companies in Australia

CBD Movers ™ is one of the most reliable providers of cheap transport packaging services in the Australian Market. CBD provides effective solutions for housing and commercial relocation, warehouse storage and utility services at very reasonable prices.

CBD has an experienced and friendly staff, always aiming for 100% customer satisfaction through the best travel services at a budget-friendly price.

The CBD has more than fifteen years of service experience so they can understand their customers’ personal travel needs, and thus provide the care and respect they want for their furniture.

CBD Mover is one of the biggest moving companies in Australia
CBD Mover is one of the biggest moving companies in Australia

In addition to providing professional dismantling, packaging and decompressing services to customers, the CBD also ensures smooth delivery of their goods to new locations, anywhere in the country without hassle tangled.

CBD Movers ™ has many years of experience in all aspects of moving. They are interested in understanding the needs of customers and thereby providing them with appropriate mobility and storage solutions to achieve their desired goals.

CBD Movers ™ customer support in helping your home in Melbourne does not become a hassle. CBD provides end-to-end removal solutions for their valuable customers in Australia. CBD helps customers plan, organize, and carry out moving and many other travel needs.

To do so, the CBD packs and loads the customer’s belongings from the origin, moves them to the desired location and finally unloads the goods and unpacks the furniture where the customer wants to go.

3. Allied Pickfords is one of the biggest moving companies in Australia

Allied Pickfords has been active in the field of professional relocation since the 17th century. And their longevity has proven the standards, professionalism and customer satisfaction over the last time.

Allied Pickfords is one of the biggest moving companies in Australia
Allied Pickfords is one of the biggest moving companies in Australia

Allied Pickfords with over 600 affiliates around the globe ensures quality companies move home. If customers need international shipping, Allied Pickfords has a 24/7 tracking protection system that will help customers feel comfortable and comfortable.

Pickfords Allied will take care of everything in your relocation, starting from the survey before moving. No need to spend time packing your own belongings. Expert teams will take care of the work so that customers can fully focus on the organization for the other location of travel, elsewhere in Australia or in another country.

Allied Pickfords regularly trains jobs such as wrap, handle, transport and train safety for every member of the Allied Pickfords home transport teams. Each employee will be trained and updated with the necessary techniques to safely remove everything you want to take with you. From instruments to valuable memorabilia, everything will reach your next destination exactly when you leave it.

Allied Pickfords always has high standards for care when transporting a customer’s home or office. Even the stairs and walls will still be meticulously taken care of when the goods are moved, so customers will be assured of leaving the old facility clean and tidy. If something needs extra protection, the members of the shipping team will use specialized materials to cover a gap and keep it looking clean and undamaged.

Allied Pickfords also has facilities to take care of the whole family – it may be that protecting a precious car or a family pet needs special attention. Regardless of the customer’s requirements, customers will still receive results that are safe and clean.

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