It is important that both the agency and the customer know the advantages of the agency and takes advantage of those advantages, along with making sure you hire the right agent in the first place. The Google ads agency cannot replace a customer’s institutional knowledge, but they have the insight that customers don’t have, making it a symbiotic relationship.

Google ads agency

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1. AdWords Industry Norms & Benchmarks

Assuming the agency has experience in the customer industry, they have a panoramic view of what the customer is doing. They are often familiar with CPC ranges, likely conversion rates and conversion incentives. This can save customers a lot of time experimenting with different things because they have to find some of them from scratch.

It can also guarantee some assurance that the performance of the account Exceeds within the normal range or the fast red flag if it’s Delivered. All of that can take a lot of trial and error and a considerable amount of time to figure out when it’s in-house management and no reference frames.

2. Beta testing opportunity

Agencies with dedicated Google representatives receive all types of gifts that customers may be offered if they handle their account alone. Agencies are a source of growing revenue potential for Google, and agents easily send an email to a beta testing agency and get five registered accounts.

Customers have the opportunity to try entirely new methods that their competitors may not have access to and capture it with solid results by the time it appears in the general population. In highly competitive areas, this is a really big advantage.

3. Two heads are better than one

Managing the same account forever as a person or internal group can lead to sleepwalking through account management. You feel like you’ve been there, done that, tried something else, and there’s nothing left there. Agencies often have a focus group on your account, which not only brings a fresh perspective but also different ways of thinking.

Google ads agency

This can breathe new life into an old situation and exploit new growth and scale groups for a single customer. Agencies also tend to have a finger on the pulse of the industry, so they can have full predictions of upcoming changes, or new opportunities.

4. Agencies are multidisciplinary

There are many times an account may get stuck, but solutions for that account may be things that customers can handle internally. Usually employers have someone who is very good at managing keywords and bids, but something like a low conversion rate is a huge torpedo for results.

Media managers aren’t usually the ones who can design landing pages and plan CRO, so they have to find a supplier to do that and then when they do that, they realize they are capturing leads who do not plan to nurture emails on the spot. In another vendor to handle that problem, and before you know it, internal communications staff are now juggling multiple vendors to come up with a solution to try and get things working. action better.

Agencies can often make this more efficient. They may have special departments to address problems like these or they may have pre-existing relationships with contractors or other agencies specializing in other fields.

This allows them to expand and sign specific group contracts according to customer needs, while everything remains stable on the client side of the equation. There are also many nuances only in AdWords that require different expertise.

Ecommerce customers running Shopping ads can really benefit from agencies that have a disciplined group of people in feed optimization or third-party feed management platforms. father.

Customers running app install campaigns will receive support from agencies who understand third-party tracking platforms such as AppsFlyer.

5. Frozen in place due to turnover

I have encountered a number of clients who find themselves frozen when employees who handle their paid search leave. It was swept away by another person for a temporary period of inexperience, the results were suffered, and the employer scrambled to hire someone.

Agencies bring stability from this perspective and the cost becomes economical compared to the costs associated with drastically reduced results, and the hiring and inspection of a new internal manager. If a relevant customer agency leaves, there is a transition period but they are immediately provided with a knowledgeable takeover person and keep things on track.

There is no downtime, and if the contact point on the customer side leaves, the media remains in the hands of the agency to manage until the new customer contact is hired.

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