Google AdWords (Google Ads) may be one of the best advertising platforms you have ever used or one of the biggest wastes of your marketing budget. If you don’t set up an AdWords campaign correctly or optimize it appropriately, then you can be sure that you won’t see a return from there. Check out our suggestions on tips of Google Ads account optimization.

Some tips of Google Ads account optimization to save the most cost

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1. What is the Google Ads?

Google Ads, Google’s online advertising program, is Google’s advertising system. The advertisers bid on certain keywords in Google Ads so that their clickable ads appear in Google search results. The program allows advertisers to create online ads to reach audiences interested in the products and services that advertisers offer.

The AdWords platform runs on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which means advertisers pay every time a visitor clicks on their ad. Because advertisers pay for these clicks, this is how Google makes money from search.

Depending on the competitiveness of the keywords advertisers bid on and how relevant that keyword is to actual conversions for their company, AdWords may or may not work for their business. For the most part, it is found that Google AdWords is extremely effective for many types of businesses, as long as they don’t waste their money on the wrong keywords or writing low, low CTR ads.

2. Some note to Google Ads account optimization

2.1 Negative keyword

Because advertisers are charged a certain amount each time someone clicks on the ad (hence the name Ads pay per ad click), it is important for advertisers to exclude search terms. irrelevant earnings from their campaign, or eventually they will pay for clicks that will never convert.

Despite the importance of excluding negative keywords, it’s surprising that so many advertisers – especially those new to paid search – don’t eliminate wasteful keywords.

2.2. Optimize geographic location

AdWords allows advertisers to refine the regions where their ads are displayed. This does not mean the position or position of the ad on the search engine results pages, but rather the place where potential customers are in the real world at the time they conduct the search.

For example, let’s say Your Business is in Boston. The main area of ​​business for your business is the greater Boston metropolitan area, which includes many other towns and cities that exceed Boston’s city limits. Due to the local focus of your business, you need to set your geographic targeting parameters to ensure that only potential customers near or near Boston are shown ads with the same results. Related search results.

Advertisers can do this by checking their geolocation settings in AdWords. They can be found in our Campaign settings, which can be accessed via the Settings tab> Locations & Languages> Locations.

Some tips of Google Ads account optimization to save the most cost

2.3. Optimize ad time

In addition to setting desired location parameters in Google Ads, we can also optimize the date and time ads will be displayed to potential customers. This is achieved by adjusting the time of day setting, which can be accessed at the Campaign level via the Dimensions tab.

By navigating to View> Time> Day of the week (you can also set specific time parameters here by selecting Hour of day), we can see which days of the week are most active on Clicks, Impressions, Clickthrough rate, Average cost per click and Cost.

2.4. Optimize Google ad bids

Google’s bidding options are detailed and nuanced, allowing people to exercise a lot of control over how and when you bid on the keywords that are most valuable to your business. However, because your bidding strategy has a direct impact on the way your ad budget is allocated and spent, it’s important to adjust your bidding settings carefully.

Bidding in AdWords can be processed manually, but can also be automated using AdWords scripts and triggered with conditions, e.g. bidding more for keywords that target mobile traffic or certain types of mobile devices, bid less for keywords in specific times and rows dozens of other parameters.

As important as managing bids for any AdWords optimization process, it’s important to note that using the right bidding strategy is not just a way to ensure your advertising budget is spent. Spend wisely – it’s also important from a performance standpoint.

2.5. Optimize ad text and landing pages in Google ads

Optimizing ad text can be challenging for many advertisers, especially those with large campaigns with dozens of ad groups. To complicate matters, ads should be optimized for both desktop and mobile campaigns, including which extensions will be used. Add this to the daily pressure of running a business and it becomes clear why so many advertisers struggle to keep their text ads tightly optimized.

There are many ways to write effective text ads like businesses that advertise on AdWords. However, all the best AdWords ads share some qualities.

The best text ads:

  • Include a relevant keyword at least once, especially in the title
  • Effective delivery of your business’s unique selling proposition (USP) or why potential customers should choose your business over their competitors
  • Highlight a compelling call to action (CTA) to let potential customers know what to do and what to expect when they click on your ad.

In summary, with the development of technology 4.0, Google Ads for products and services is indispensable in the business process. So whoever is in business, invest in this network of potential customers to achieve the highest efficiency.

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