Facebook retargeting is the process of finding people who have visited your website and then using their data to find their Facebook profile. You can then run ad campaigns to target those people and convince them to return to your site. How many steps to do Facebook retargeting?

Facebook retargeting is the process of finding people visiting your web

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1. Some step to Facebook retargeting

1.1. Log in to your Facebook Ads Manager and select Audience

You will find Audience in the drop-down menu when you click Enterprise Manager in the upper left of the screen.

1.2. Click Create Object and select Custom Object

Again, you will find Create Object at the upper left on your screen. For retargeting, we will select Custom Audiences, which will allow us to set up campaigns to reach people who have already visited the site.

1.3. Select Website traffic

You have several options here, but for re-targeting, we will focus on site traffic so that we reach people who have already visited your site.

1.4. Select your target audience from the drop-down menu

You will be taken to a screen, as seen below, that allows you to create your object. You have the following targeting options:

  • Anyone who visits your site
  • People who visit specific pages
  • People who visit specific websites but not others
  • Refugees have visited during a certain period of time
  • Custom combination

Just to show you what it looks like, we set up a custom audience targeted to our blog visitors. As you can see above, you can target the date range, name it and you’re ready to get started.

1.5. Get your pixel code and place it on your website

If you do not already have pixel code (tracking) on ​​your site, then you will need it to start retargeting.

It has code that you need to place on your website to track visitors. Why is it called pixel code? This code will place a small 1 × 1 pixel on your website that is transparent and visible. It allows visitors to your website to be tracked. By knowing they have seen the pixel, you know that they have reached a specific page of your site or have taken a specific action.

Here, how to get the code: In the Audience section of Ad Manager, you’ll find your new retargeting campaign. Select it, then click Action and click View Table in the drop down menu

Facebook retargeting is the process of finding people visiting your web

2. Some benefits of Facebook retargeting

2.1. You can reach people when they join for free.

Everyone is busy during the day. They may have opened your email, read it a bit and decided to check it out later for a number of reasons. After work, instead of returning to your message, they stay on Facebook instead to interact with friends.

Retargeting them with Facebook Ads helps remind them of your offer while they skim through their Newsfeed – whether they’re taking a break at work or at home.

2.2. You amplify your frequency.

According to ConversXL, most decisions are subconscious.

Email marketing combined with Facebook ads increases the frequency of displaying your brand message to your audience, thereby touching their subconscious mind.

2.3. You make your brand look bigger than it

When you offer your business on multiple platforms, it sends the message that your business is everywhere. In addition, showing your ads on Facebook increases your popularity thanks to the fact that more than 1 billion people use this social platform. What your subscribers do not realize is that they may see your ad because you have targeted them as part of your email list.

2.4. You will never be forgotten

The moment you automatically import your email list into Facebook Custom Audience with ConnectAudience, you’ll be able to target your subscribers – including those who unsubscribe from your email list. . You can give those people plenty of opportunities to convert by maintaining your brand visibility with the ads displayed in their Facebook Newsfeed.

2.5. You will be able to create Similar Audiences.

Using Facebook Advertising, you can take advantage of Lookalike’s Audience. This means you can create profiles of target customers based on the people on your list. Facebook Audience Lookalike Audience is a powerful feature of Facebook because it allows you to target potential customers similar to your current audience.

2.6. You gain the trust of people.

Stay connected with your email subscribers by simply being on social media. Today, people only need to trust their businesses on Facebook.

And because you’ve logged into their inbox and Facebook Newsfeed, they know they can contact you right away in case they need your product or service.

Staying in a social platform where most people interact, you’ll be able to get free recommendations from your target audience who always sees your ad.

2.7. You save money on advertising

The cost of running Facebook Ads decreases as your clicks increase. This means that the more you engage in Facebook, the less you will spend on advertising. For this reason, it would be a smart step to target new email subscribers or audiences with similar characteristics on Facebook because these people have a great potential for conversion.

2.8. You build social proof

Your current customers are your brand ambassadors on social media. By running Facebook Ads that show customer testimonials to people on your list who have converted, you’ll be able to exert your influence and prove your credibility without being promote.

2.9. Reach your audience regardless of time and place

No matter where your subscribers are in the world, you will stay connected to them as long as they are on Facebook. In today’s digital connectivity era, most marketers are using email marketing and social channels together.

2.10. You increase your campaign response rate

Re-targeting the people on your list through Facebook Ads means you are reaching out to people who have been exposed to your brand message – especially those who have tried to open your email and Click your link. ratio

Showing your ads to your current subscribers will give you a much better response rate than targeting people who have never heard of you.

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