Just like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising costs on Google Ads, a variety of factors influence the cost of advertising on your Facebook. If you want to build a realistic budget for your business, then you need to understand some factors affect facebook advertising cost.

Some factors affect to Facebook advertising cost you should know

In the previous post, Alphadia.net introduced people to Google ads promo code. To get more information people can read the article The Google Ads promo code is a promotional code to get a $100/$150. Nowadays, to get information or looking for a restaurant near me is very easy with a lot of advertisements. Now, let find knowledge about a lot of helpful information about Facebook advertising cost.


Just like a lot of article posts about many types of themes such as advertising on Google, Google ads pricing, DoubleClick for publishers, Google search ads, google ads agency… this post about a lot of helpful information about eight factors determine Facebook advertising cost.

1. Some infomation about Facebook advertising cost

If your advertising campaign is focused on downloading or installing apps, the average cost of Facebook ads is $ 5.47 per download. That means your company pays an average of $ 5.47 when users install your app.

Factors affecting Facebook ad cost:

Audience: the audience assumes your Facebook advertising costs in a number of ways. They may increase or decrease your costs, depending on their features. To get the best results from your advertising budget, you should create a specific audience, rather than a broad audience.

Advertising budget: your monthly advertising budget also affects the cost of advertising on your facebook. Although a large advertising budget provides flexibility in your advertising strategy, your business can also fulfill its advertising goals with smaller monthly advertising spend.

Advertising bids: advertising bids can directly increase your advertising costs on facebook. However, you can reduce your advertising bid costs by choosing an automated bidding strategy and maintaining a high ad quality score.

Advertising goals: the goals of your advertising campaign, ranging from awareness to conversion consideration, also affect the cost of advertising on your facebook. Conversion-related goals tend to cost more than cognitive-related goals.

Ad position: your ad position on Facebook properties, including instagram, facebook, and the audience network, may also affect your advertising costs. Your business can automate your ad position or choose where you want your ad to appear.

Ad quality: the relevance of your ad plays a big part in the cost of advertising on your facebook. You need to design ads that appeal and deliver according to user expectations. When you do so, you can significantly reduce your advertising costs.

Season: during popular shopping seasons, like christmas, your business can expect higher Facebook advertising costs due to increased competition in the ad auction. Although unavoidable, your team can resist this feature by modifying your advertising budget and bids.

Industry: your industry can also shape the cost of advertising on your facebook. Markets with the highest advertising costs include finance, insurance and consumer services. If you are in a competitive field, focus on creating well-known ads and competitive bidding.

2. How does Facebook advertising cost each month?

Companies spend an average of $ 200 to $ 800 on Facebook advertising each month. Depending on the size of your business, as well as investing in advertising on social networks, you can spend over $ 800 or under $ 200. For example, a business could invest $ 5000 per month for Facebook ads.

How much you spend on Facebook ads depends on your business and decision makers. Although you don’t have to spend the average amount that other companies do, this range provides a competitive advantage that can help your organization earn more money from social media.

That doesn’t mean the price determines the success of your campaign. It provides a benefit, however. With a larger budget, your company can pay for more ad clicks, which can result in more conversions and revenue.

Some factors affect to Facebook advertising cost you should know

3. How does Facebook advertising cost each year?

Businesses spend $ 2400 to $ 9600 on Facebook advertising each year. The size of your company, plus your social media marketing strategy, can affect the amount of money you invest in Facebook advertising every year. Even if you are a small and medium business (SMB), you can spend over $ 9600 on Facebook ads.

Businesses spend $ 2400 to $ 9600 on Facebook advertising each year

For example, an e-commerce store with a tracking activity on Facebook could invest more in Facebook ads because their campaigns drive product orders. In comparison, a well-known business may spend less due to their already noticeable brand awareness.

When it comes to your company’s annual advertising costs, you need to consider which channel offers the highest value. If social media, in particular Facebook, brought a huge return on investment (ROI), then it would make more sense to transfer more of your advertising budget to Facebook.

If you’ve never advertised on social media before, you want to think about your audience and goals. For companies that have a positive audience on Facebook and goals that align with the strengths of the platform, such as building brand awareness, investing in Facebook advertising is justified.

This article is about a lot of information about Facebook advertising costs. In addition, Google Ads also is one of the best chooses for business. If your business has not yet used Google advertising campaigns to improve revenue, please refer to our previous article about Google Ad Manager streamlines the advertising management of advertisers

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